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Comm Products Technologies Pte Ltd (comm) is a company located in Singapore. We specialize in the design, manufacture and supply Professional Audio Visual Equipments.

Comm Products Technologies started of from recognizing the unique requirements of school markets and developed simple control switchers. Hence, subsequently developed higher end audio visual equipments to meet the different markets from the perspective views from many people and more importantly from the technological perspective. comm will continue to develop new products by consolidating international market requirement. It is you, the end user who has inspired comm to research and develop new technologies as simple tools to utilize audio visual equipments.

Commitment It is our commitment to manufacture and improve our control systems, matrix switchers, scalars, and many other high-end technology products to cater for the international market
Obligation It is our obligation to provide superlative products and services in the audiovisual and system integrations industry.
Maximize We have a common goal of delivering highly functional audiovisual and multimedia solutions to all our customers and will make the utmost effort to maximize our customer-service oriented approach.
Motivation We are highly motivated to become one of the leading providers in the audiovisual industries in the near future.

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